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tbh I forgive the Tsukihime anime’s existence because it made Akiha seem really, really queer like almost but not quite her VN levels of queer


Re-made the basic guide to Fateverse/Nasuverse. Its meant to explain the basic concept of Nasuverse. focusing mainly on Fate part of it, how each Fate work relates to each other and it should be a decent enough guide for anyone confused of Fate Franchise and wanting to know where to start. 

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• You’ve dreaded it! You’ve dreamed of it! Now - it’s here! THE AVENGERS/AVENGERS WAR!
• With Captain America and Iron Man bringing the full power of the Avengers against the Gem Theater, can our heroes possibly survive?
• Guest-starring Spider-Man! But which side is the wall-crawler on? (x)

I can’t make heads or tails of this solicit. The Avengers vs Illuminati is apparently being saved for Time Runs Out, but now there’s an Avengers vs Avengers war in current Marvel (ie NOT time-skipped Hickmanvengers)

Why is Sam working with Tony?? WHY IS ANYONE WORKING WITH TONY????


Heroes are born in fire


Get to know me // Anime edition

Female Characters [2/5]: Togame - Katanagatari

Even if the words were lies, the feelings weren’t.


"This wasn’t my wish"


at last.. some SteveTony doodles! the second pic is totally inspired from this amazing post.

i dont even know what i was thinking when i drew the last one /hides